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The high amount of pornography available online has led to many options for people. That not only includes the content itself, but also the methods for viewing it. One of the highest rising forms for looking at adult content is virtual reality. Individuals all over are snatching up VR headsets to enter the world of VR porn. Most agree that virtual reality porno is unlike anything seen in the past. First of all, VR porn videos are often interactive. That option lets anyone take part in what’s going on in front of them. They can also dictate to some extent, what takes place throughout the movie.
Yet the most important difference is how immersive and realistic VR porn is. Images are see in 3D making the sexually explicit content look close enough to be grabbed. There’s also the point of view which is from a 180 perspective. Lastly, there are the many apps available that allow people to enjoy VR porn like never before. Although there are tons of VR porn apps to choose from, not all of them are the same. Some are not worth downloading or using since they don’t do much for users. Still, there are those which are simply amazing and make the entire VR porn experience that much better.

Virtual Real Player

Many call this one of the best VR players around due to its capabilities. Unlike others, the VRP app can be synchronized with Kiiroo and Lovesense. Both are teledildonics which make exploring and enjoying VR porn significantly greater. In fact, the use of teledildonic toys is what makes the VR porn experience significantly greater than traditional smut. Virtual Real Player is compatible with Google Cardboard and others. It also supports videos in either 360 and 180 degrees as well as stereoscopic 3D.

VRPlayer Free

Android users will appreciate how easy it is to set up this app. It is compatible with Android smartphones and even lets you use voice commands. The VRPlayer Free can be controlled using gamepads or keyboards. You can also check out 3D and 3D images.

Badoink VR

People who know about virtual reality porn call Badoink VR the pioneer in VR porno. They been around long before many other sites and have tons of content. Folks who don’t own a VR headset can even get one for free by signing up to the site. Their mobile app is amazing when it comes to delivering immersive and superb quality content. But it is not free with membership starting at $1.00 a day.

Sex Like Real VR App

Imagine a hub that brings all the best VR porn from sites all over the world to one spot. That’s exactly what the Sex Like Real VR app does. The most erotic, immersive and arousing VR content is pulled from other websites. Using your VR gear, you get to choose from all of them to see it. This is great since you don’t have to visit all the sites to access it. Best part about it is that no downloads of videos are necessary. The app lets the content be seen via streaming.