The best Animated video maker software

//The best Animated video maker software

Gone are the days of PowerPoint presentations where it took ages to create a presentation out of several slides. Even the modified versions of PowerPoint did very less to enthuse the users. Long story cut short; we like animated explainer videos now. Please, more of whiteboard explainer, free explainer, and product explainer videos! However, to make the best explainer videos, we need to get our hands on the best-animated video maker software, and this is exactly what we cover in this article. Read on!

  • Still new to the beta world, PowToon is a startup animated video maker software that offers more videos that are made in a jiffy.
  • PowToon deals with the sale of cloud-based software, SaaS that creates animated explainer videos. Founded in 2012, the company released a beta version capturing a broader number of subscribers. Moreover, it enables users to make animated videos by altering imported images and pre-created objects.
  • The animated video maker software is easily accessible and readily available on the Google Play Store. The free service is aimed at nonprofessional video makers and editors.
  • It renders drag-and-drop objects which you thereby add to the slides. You can then select your choice of audio track, duration, text, and animation.
  • Once you have the professional demo of the animated explainer video, you can add templates to it, if need be.
  • As of now, it has launched a free account option that enables users to make animated explainer videos which can be later exported to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or other social media.
  • PowToon delivers a executes a Do-It-Yourself feature for creating marketing explainer videos, whiteboard explainer videos, free explainer videos and product explainer videos as well as animated videos.
  • True to its name, PowToon contains quite a vast collection of animated figures and cartoons.
  • PowToon sources its content collection from voice-over actors, designers, and animators. All these sell via the PowToon marketplace and the idea behind this is to save up on cost via preferring in-house over outsourcing.
  • Buying individual prices and creating the video yourself may be cheaper but riskier since not everyone is meant to be as creative. PowToon, however, ensures that it is enriched with good script content and vision always.
  • As a general tip, always keep in mind that videos of the product or website need too, not just some random cartoon hopping around speaking about marketing.