Where to get free music for explainer videos?

//Where to get free music for explainer videos?

Explainer videos are the most amazing way to relate your message to your consumers and tell them about your products. Earlier the explainer videos were only limited to making videos that solely focused on the methods and ways to use a certain product. But today these explainer videos are usually animated and being used as product explainer videos so that the product qualities and features are communicated to the customers in a much more appropriate way. In many cases, these free explainer videos have a much more effective and everlasting impact on the consumers because these whiteboard based explainer videos are having an impact on two of the senses of human nature and thus having a deeper cognitive impact.

When preparing an explainer video, it is necessary that the video should be revolving around a certain idea and the whole story should be complementing the product or the service that it has been prepared for. In many situations, the makers of the explainer video use relevant animations and cartoon figures so that they can add much more relevance for the customers. A very important factor that cannot be overlooked in any way is the background score that should be used with the explainer videos.

Many people use proper vocals for their videos using existing songs from the albums of various singers, and in some cases, they get songs written relevant to the product or the service they are going to showcase in their explainer videos. Some people prefer to use melodious background scores and instrumental music for their explainer videos. There are many sites that offer free of cost music while some sites ask you to deposit money like a subscription fee and then select the music that you want from a wide array of a collection available.

Some of the best places where you get the right music for your explainer videos are:

  1. Sound Better.com: This website has a huge collection of instrumental as well as vocals available, and they have been sorted according to the categories that they might complement. All you have to do is sign up and enjoy!
  2. Premium Beat.com: This website has a vast collection of royalty free music available for download. The quality of the music is premium, and the music has great clarity. There are audios of every kind with varying lengths.
  3. Audi Jungle.com: This is also an amazing website, but it requires you to pay as low as 10$ for a track that you would like to add to your explainer video.



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