Here Is How To Write A Script For Animated Explainer Videos

//Here Is How To Write A Script For Animated Explainer Videos

When you are preparing a video, your goal is to share a story realistically. In the real sense, all videos are a visual representation of a story. Hence, animated explainer videos are not an exception. Your objective when creating them is to tell a story about your product and what it will do for the audience.

For your video to succeed in its mission, you need to develop a great story giving the flow of your message. In video production, this is known as a script. Note, a well-written script is a pillar for your final video. If it is of poor quality, producing a killer video will remain a dream.

Also, you explainer video script must be able to tell the story in a problem-solution style. So, how do you develop a great script for your animated explainer videos? Here is the process:


The first part or introduction of your script should focus on the issue your product is going to solve. You must realistically define the problem by putting yourself in the audience shoe. Also, ensure that the problem relates to the audience. For instance, you cannot talk about skin problems when presenting a product on solving IT issues.

Your problem must link directly with what the target audiences are going through and the pains they are enduring. Essentially, show your worries and knowledge about the problem through stating the ins and outs. Through this, you will be able to know which characters and animations will suit best in putting emotions and personality in your explainer video.



After describing the problem, it is your time to show your audience how your product is the solution. Here, you need to put down all details that you will feature in the product explainer video. Importantly, you should focus more on the benefit of each feature and how it contributes to solving the problem.

Also, tell your audience why they should favor it over your opponent’s products. At this stage, you should write down some of the images and animations you will use to ensure you not only convince your audience but also you win their trust.


Explaining the problem your viewers are facing and offering your product as a solution is not enough, you need to show them how it works. The goal of your animated explainer video is to inform your audience about your product.

Hence, you must show them how it works when put in action. Write down the best techniques to show actions. For instance, if you are making a video to market your laundry products, you can note down ways to compare your offers and those of your competitors. Remember to select a perfect action approach that will be easier to replicate in your video.


Your primary goal is making sales through convincing the audience that your products are the best. If you give details about the problem, state how your product will solve it as well as show how it works but fail to put a call to action, your campaign will be unproductive.

As you conclude your animated explainer video script, you need to state the message you will display in the video as the call to action. For example, you can inform the audience that your products are available in the shops near them. Or else, you can give them the contacts to your suppliers.

Following these steps will enable you to develop a killer animated explainer video script. Now the ball is in your coat.