Music is the perfect way to change your mood, and therefore there are many people who trust music as their mood changer, mood lifter and what not. Some people create music in their past time, and some do business out of it. Music is not limited to the songs that people listen for recreation alone. In many cases, the music is required for videos that are prepared by people for selling their products. These are known as product explainer videos. The animated explainer videos can be used to introduce the product to the customers. Explainer videos can be beneficial, and this is why the trend to create these videos is on the rise.

When people prepare the explainer videos, they need to add background music to the videos so that the videos are more interesting for the viewers and they can connect much easily. In many instance people who use music from some other source other than their own, they credit the source from which they have taken the music. Sometimes there are instances when music is not credited, and this is where the royalty issues occur.

When you are making music, you worry about losing the right to it and the music becoming commonly used without credits. The best way to ensure that your music remains yours and is not used without giving you, credit. When you get the copyright to your music, you also start getting a royalty whenever the music is used.

How to copyright your music?

Below are a few steps that you can just follow to ensure that your music is copyrighted in your name. You can either do it yourself or have it through a professional, either way, the process is not difficult. The steps are:

  • You should prepare yourself for the process. You should have all the info about the song at hand and also make sure that all the contributors are acknowledged, and their contributions mentioned.
  • You should then sign in to the US government’s website for registering copyrights.
  • Once the website opens click on Register a copyright.
  • They will then ask you to make an account or sign in with your existing accounts.
  • Once your account is created, you will come to a dashboard kind of page.
  • On that page click on Register a new claim.
  • After that, you can select the category that you are registering for. In case of music, the group is Performing arts.
  • Make sure to deselect register one work option if you are registering more than one music.
  • You will have to submit the fees before you upload.
  • You can then upload the music you want to register on your name.


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